Oregon Topics: Consumers

According to experts, consumers are the engine that drives the American economy. Reflecting this, government has developed more programs to protect consumers.

Safety, fraud, and disclosure of terms have become increasingly important issues, leading to government actions such as recalls of unsafe products and regulations on phone sales techniques. Dispute resolution has become an important tool in the process. At the same time, independent organizations have expanded to educate consumers and advocate for their needs.

This section introduces some of the resources available to consumers.

​Oregon Blue Book 

(includes contact information, agency history, records retention schedules, budgets, and records held by the Oregon State Archives)


Unclaimed Property Program (Oregon State Lands Department ​- includes database for unclaimed bank accounts, dividends, and other property)
Consumer information about construction contractors (Oregon Construction Contractors Board- includes questions, tips, laws, and related information)

​​​Federal Resources

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (provides assistance with consumer financial products and services)
National Consumer Protection Week (includes category-based federal government consumer information from dozens of agencies)
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (unsafe products, recalls, and more)

Federal Trade Commission 

(consumer topics such as identity theft and telemarketing)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (cars and related equipment defects and recalls)

General Resources

Fraud.org (from the National Consumers League)
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Responsible consumers play an important role in the economy.