Oregon Topics: Children and Families

Oregon families face new opportunities and challenges while trying to keep up with accelerating change in society. More government and nonprofit programs exist to help strengthen communication between parents, children, and the larger society. At the same time, penalties for criminal behavior—both in terms of child abuse and youth offenders—have become stricter. 

This section includes resources to help families with everything from food programs to child support to parent training.

​Oregon Blue Book

(includes contact information, agency history, records retention schedules, budgets, and records held by the Oregon State Archives)

Oregon Human Services Department

Children & Youth (Child Welfare Program)

Child abuse (includes reporting and protective services)

Oregon Youth Authority


Oregon Justice Department

Oregon Judicial Department Family Law Program (includes family law advisory committees, forms, and related resources)
Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (includes information on children in the workplace, family leave, and related topics)

mural of man holding daughter up above the water
A mural in Vale of a pioneer man swimming with a child. (Oregon State Archives Photo)