Oregon Almanac: Oregon Olympic Medalists, 1906-2016

  Name Sport Medal
Kerrigan, Bert H.W. High Jump Bronze
Gilbert, Alfred C.
Pole Vault Gold
Kelly, Dan Broad Jump Silver
Smithson, Forrest Hurdles Gold
Hawkins, Martin Hurdles Bronze
Balbach, Louis J.
Diving Bronze
Kuehn, Louis (Hap) Diving Gold
Ross, Norman Swimming Gold (3)
Samborn-Payne,Thelma Diving Bronze
Sears, Robert Fencing Bronze
Newton, Chester Wrestling Silver
Reed, Robin Wrestling Gold
Hamm, Edward B. Broad Jump Gold
Graham, Norris Rowing Gold
Hill, Ralph 5000m Silver
LaBorde, Henri J. Discus Silver
Robinson, Mack 200m Silver
Beck, Lewis W. Jr.
Basketball Gold
Brown, David P. Rowing Gold
Gordien, Fortune Discus Bronze
Helser (deMorelos), Brenda Swimming Gold
Zimmerman-Edwards, Suzanne Swimming Silver
Proctor, Hank Rowing Gold
Smith, William T. Wrestling Gold
Fifer, James Rowing Gold
Gordien, Fortune Discus Silver
Davis, Otis 400m Gold (2)
Dischinger, Terry G. Basketball Gold
Imhoff, Darrall Basketball Gold
Wood, Carolyn Swimming Gold
Carr, Ken Basketball Gold
Counts, Mel G. Basketball Gold
Dellinger, William S. Track and Field Bronze
Freeman, Kevin Equestrian Silver
Saubert, Jean M. Skiing Silver/Bronze
Schollander, Don Swimming Gold (4)
Fosbury, Richard D.
High Jump Gold
Freeman, Kevin Equestrian Silver
Garrigus, Thomas I. Trapshooting Silver
Johnson Bailes, Margaret 4x100 Gold
Sanders, Richard J. Wrestling Silver
Schollander, Don Swimming Gold/Bronze
Freeman, Kevin Equestrian Silver
Peyton McDonald, Kim Swimming Gold
Sanders, Richard J. Wrestling Silver
Peyton McDonald, Kim Swimming Gold
Wilkins, Mac M. Discus Gold
Burke, Douglas L.
Water Polo Silver
Herland, Douglas J. Rowing Bronze
Huntley (Ruete), Joni High Jump Bronze
Johnson, William D. Skiing Gold
King (Brown), Judith 400m Hurdles Silver
Menken-Schaudt, Carol Basketball Gold
Schultz, Mark P. Wrestling Gold
Wilkins, Mac M. Discus Silver
Brown, Cynthia L.
Basketball Gold
Lang, Brent Swimming Gold
Johnson, Dave Decathlon Bronze
Jorgenson, Dan Swimming Bronze
Street, Picabo Skiing Silver
Deal, Lance Hammer Silver
MacMillan, Shannon Soccer Gold
Milbrett, Tiffany Soccer Gold
O’Brien, Dan Decathlon Gold
Schneider, Marcus Rowing Bronze
Steding, Katy Basketball Gold
Street, Picabo Skiing Gold
French, Michelle Soccer Silver
Kinkade, Mike Baseball Gold
Lindland, Matt Wrestling Silver
MacMillan, Shannon Soccer Silver
Milbrett, Tiffany Soccer Silver
Thompson, Chris Swimming Bronze
Steele, Dan Bobsled Bronze
Klug, Chris Snow Board Bronze
Hansen, Joey Rowing Gold
Johnson, Kate Rowing Silver
Zagunis, Mariel Fencing Gold
Cox, Stephanie Lopez
Soccer Gold
Inman, Josh Rowing Bronze
Ward, Rebecca Fencing Bronze (2)
Windes, Elsie Water Polo Silver
Zagunis, Mariel Fencing Gold/Bronze
  Bailey, Ryan 4x100 Silver
  Eaton, Ashton
Decathlon Gold
  Rupp, Galen 10,000m Silver
  Windes, Elsie Water Polo Gold
  Crouser, Ryan Shot Put Gold
  Eaton, Ashton
Decathlon Gold
  Hill, Kim Volleyball Bronze
  Rupp, Galen 10,000m Bronze
  Zagunis, Mariel Fencing Bronze

A. C. Gilbert
A.C. Gilbert won a gold medal in the pole vault at the 1908 Olympics in London. He went on to be a famous inventor and toy manufacturer. See Notable Oregonian entry. (Image courtesy Eli Whitney Museum)

Darrall Imhoff
Darrall Imhoff won a gold medal in basketball, along with fellow Oregonian Terry Dischinger, at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. Imhoff went on to a career in the National Basketball Association.

Don Schollander
After swimming to four gold medals in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Don Schollander made the cover of Life magazine. See Notable Oregonian entry​. (Image courtesy life.com)​

Mac Wilkins
Mac Wilkins throws the discus during the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Wilkins earned the gold medal with a then-Olympic record throw of 67.5 meters. He won a silver medal in 1984. (image courtesy TAC/Allen Steele/Allsport/Getty Images)

Mariel Zagunis
Fencing champion Mariel Zagunis shows off the gold medal she won at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Zagunis won two medals in 2008 and one in 2016. (Image courtesy Claire Randall/Oregon Fencing Alliance)