Other Notable Oregonians

Edgar Buchanan photo
Edgar Buchanan, 1903-1979, spent his youth in Oregon and later moved his dental practice to Eugene before embarking on a long career as a character actor. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)
The following Oregonians or individuals closely associated with Oregon have become significant in politics, arts, sciences, athletics and other pursuits. Living politicians are not included. Suggest a notable Oregonian.

Abernethy, George (governor, 1807-1877)
Ainge, Danny (athlete-basketball, 1959—)
Allison, Stacy (mountain climber, 1958—) 
Armstrong, Garner Ted (evangelist, 1930-2003)
Atkeson, Ray (photographer, 1907-1990)
Alexakis, Art (singer/songwriter, 1962—)

Baker, Edward D. (politician, lawyer, 1811-1861)
Baker, Terry (athlete-football, 1941—)
Benson, Simon (logger, road supporter, philanthropist, 1852-1942)
Berry, Don (writer, 1932-2001)
Bird, Brad (film director, 1957—)
Boon, John D. (state treasurer/merchant, 1817-1864)
Bowmer, Angus (Oregon Shakespeare Festival founder, 1904-1979)
Boyle, Gert (business leader, 1924-2019)
painting of Chief Concomly
Chief Concomly, ca. 1760-1830,  led the Native American Chinook Confederacy based along the Columbia River from the Cascades to the ocean. Described as  talented in diplomacy and shrewd in business, he received peace medals from Lewis and Clark and visited with John McLoughlin at Fort Vancouver. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)
Browne, Dan (athlete-running, 1975—)
Brown, Tabitha Moffat (pioneer/teacher, 1780-1858)
Bruns, George (composer, musician, 1914-1983)
Bryant, Louise (activist, journalist, 1885-1936)
Buchanan, Edgar (actor, 1903-1979)
Burrell, Ty (actor, 1967—)
Bush, Asahel (banker/publisher, 1824-1913)

Carl, Marion (Marine pilot, 1915-1998)
Carver, Raymond (writer, 1938-1988)
Clark(e), Harvey (missionary/educator, 1807-1858)
Concomly, Chief (Indian leader, ca. 1760-1830)
Counts, Mel (Olympic basketball champion, 1941—)
Curry, George (governor/editor, 1820-1878)

Dorion, Marie (pioneer, 1786-1850)
Drury, James (actor, 1934-2020)

Elliott, Sam (actor, 1944—) 

Fosbury, Dick (athlete-high jump, 1947—)
Fouts, Dan (athlete-football, 1951—)
French, Peter (cattle rancher/banker, 1849-1897)
Frohnmayer, David (politician, university president, 1940-2015) 

Green, Edith (congresswoman, 1910-1987)

photograph of Edith Green, former U.S. Representative
Edith Green, 1910-1987, was the second Oregon woman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. She played a key role in passing  the 1972 Equal Opportunity in Education Act, also known as Title IX. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)
Hansell, Stafford (legislator/civic leader, 1913-1995)
Harmon, Katie (2002 Miss America, 1980—)
Haycox, Earnest (western writer, 1899-1950)
Haynes, Todd (film director, 1961—)
Hesseman, Howard (actor, 1940—)

Ionescu, Sabrina (athlete-basketball, 1997—)
Ivory, James (filmmaker, 1928—)

Jackson, Glenn L. (Oregon government leader, 1902-1980)
Jernstedt, Ken (WWII Flying Tiger pilot, legislator, 1917-2013)
Joseph, Chief (the Elder-Indian leader, 1790-1870)

Keintepoos ("Captain Jack"-Indian leader, ?—1873)
Kennerly, David (photographer, 1947—)

Kerns, Maude (avante-garde artist, 1876-1965)
Kilchis, Chief (Indian leader, 1806-1866)
Killebrew, Harmon (athlete-baseball, 1936-2011)
Kristof, Nicolas D. (journalist, author, columnist, 1959—

rodeo champion Leey Mahan
Salem's Larry Mahan, 1943—, earned eight professional rodeo world championships during his long career. (Image courtesy Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame)
Lampman, Evelyn Sibley (author, 1907-1980)
Lancaster, Sam (highway engineer, 1864-1941)
Lappé, Frances Moore (activist, writer, 1944—)
Lauderdale, Thomas (musician, 1970—) 
Lewelling, Seth (nurseryman, 1820-1896)
Lilly, Bob (athlete-football, 1939—)
Lolich, Mickey (athlete-baseball, 1940—)
Lopez, Barry (writer, 1945—)
Lovejoy, Asa (legislator, Portland founder, 1808-1882)

Mahan, Larry (athlete-rodeo, 1943—)
Martin, Charles (governor/soldier, 1863-1946)
Maxwell, Robert (WWII Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, 1920—)
McGinley, Phyllis (writer, 1905-1978)
Meyer, Fred (retail businessman, 1886-1978)
Minto, John (legislator/writer, 1822-1915)
Murphy, William (1934 Nobel laureate in medicine, 1892-1987)

Nesmith, James W. (pioneer/senator, 1820-1885)
Neuberger, Maurine (senator, 1907-2000)
astronaut Don Pettit
Don Pettit of Silverton, 1955—, served two long-duration stays on the International Space Station. In 2017 he was the oldest active astronaut, at age 62. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)
Neuberger, Richard (senator/author, 1912-1960)
Newberry, Clare Turlay (children's book author, 1903-1970)
Newell, Robert (pioneer, 1807-1869)

O'Conner, Frank Q. (WWII fighter pilot, 1917-1985)

Palahniuk, Chuck (writer, 1962—)
Paulina, Chief (Indian leader,?—1867)
Pesky, Johnny (athlete-baseball, 1919-2012) 
Pettit, Donald (astronaut, 1955—)
Phoenix, River (actor, 1970-1993)

Rashad, Ahmad (athlete-football/sportscaster, 1949—)
Ray, Johnnie (singer, 1927-1990)
Ross, Katharine (actress, 1940—) 
Rutan, Burt (engineer, 1943—)

actress Katharine Ross
Katharine Ross, 1940—, who lives in Brownsville, played key roles in two of the most important films of the 1960s: The Graduate and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)
Salazar, Alberto (athlete-runner, 1958—)
Schwab, Les (businessman, ca.1919-2007)
Slaney, Mary Decker (athlete-runner, 1958—)
Steele, Bob (actor, 1907-1988) 
Struthers, Sally (actress, 1948—)

Torvalds, Linus (computer software innovator, 1969—)

Wagner, Lindsay (actress, 1949—)
Whalen, Phillip (poet, 1923-2002)
Wilcox, Dave (athlete-football, 1942—)
Williams, Mason (musician/songwriter, 1938—)

Yeon, John (architect, 1910-1994)
Young, Ewing (trapper/pioneer, 1799-1841)