Exploring the Oregon State Fair: Livestock Exhibits

Rufus the Bull

Rufus the runaway steer (although he answered to Bull) caused quite a stir in 1979 when he escaped and led officials on a ... wild bull chase. This cartoon tells the story of his daring exploits and his admiring public. By the next year, Rufus had become a celebrity and was one of the most popular features at the State Fair, where he held court in a specially constructed pen near the Yellow gate. A local radio station provided the "Ballad of Rufus" song on tape for visitors to get in the mood. Security guards stationed nearby to keep tabs on the "Bye-Bye-Beef" apparently couldn't get the ballad out of their heads. They were still humming it after hearing it played countless times for visitors.

Watch a television news story about Rufus the Bull via YouTube.

A cartoon shows the exploits of Rufus the Bull
Fair Program 1984 Rufus the Bull Cartoon Story (Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center)

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