Exploring the Oregon State Fair: Credits

Thank You!

Crowds of fairgoers walk by food booths at the State Fair
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Throngs of fairgoers walk by food booths at the 1980 State Fair. (Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center)
We hope you enjoyed exploring the Oregon State Fair over the decades. The following people helped in the production of this exhibit:

Gallery Exhibit

Theresa Rea: Exhibit Coordinator and Lead

These State Archives staff members contributed to the research, writing, editing, design, printing, mounting and installation needed to complete the gallery exhibit:

Kristine Deacon (Volunteer)
Mary Beth Herkert
Andrew Needham
Kelsey Quinn
Austin Schulz
Todd Shaffer

Additional assistance on the gallery exhibit was provided by the following:

Oregon State Fair and Exposition Center
June Bowersox
Joe Bowersox, III
Leslie Cummings
Berneice Franz
Larry Franz
Steven Heine
Emmelie Jorgensen
Kamilah Jorgensen
Abigail Memmott
Benjamin Memmott
Dani Morley
Sarah Rivera

Web Exhibit

Gary Halvorson: Design, production, and additional text and photos

End of Exhibit