Trullinger-Friedrich Farm

Established by Gabriel and Sarah Trullinger in 1852
Location: Clackamas County
2009 Owner: Robert Del Friedrich


Gabriel Trullinger came to Oregon in 1848 with many other family members. He spent some time in California successfully mining gold before returning to Oregon in 1851. A year later he staked out his donation land claim along Milk Creek. In 1854 he built one of Oregon’s first sawmills at that site. A flour mill was added in 1877, followed two years later by a wool processing mill. These three mills prompted Trullinger to name his operations Union Mills. The flour mill building still stands. It was converted to a livestock feed mill in the 1930s and continues in operation. The family also grew wheat and hops while maintaining an orchard and a stand of timber. Over the years, this transitioned into raising cattle, sheep, goats, and turkeys.


The 5th generation of Friedrichs continue to raise sheep and goats. About 30 acres of the farm's remaining 96 acres are used for agriculture. The rest are pasture and timber. The daughters of current owner Bob Friedrich plan to keep the farm in the family.
Sign reads: Union Mills Feed since 1877, 14822 S. Union Mills Rd., Mulino, OR, 503-829-2386"
Gabriel Trullinger's 1877 flour mill converted to a livestock feed mill in the 1930s. Adjacent to the Trullinger-Friedrich farmhouse, the mill includes a feed store. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

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