Scott Farm

Established by John King in 1849
Location: Marion County
2009 Owners: Guy and Mary Scott


The Scott Family’s maternal great, great grandfather, John King, settled his land in 1849 about 10 miles northeast of Sublimity. A newspaper article describing Guy Scott’s parents reported that the early farm was a “zoo” of domestic animals, including dairy cows and beef cattle, hogs, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, cats, and a stock dog. Over the years the crops evolved to grass seed, Christmas trees, and timber.

Like many Oregon farms, the Scott Farm was late to experience many of the amenities taken for granted today. Electric power did not reach the farm until 1935. Current owner Guy’s mother recalled a comment made by her sister-in-law regarding their first refrigerator: “Well, we might use it to put milk in it, but I don’t know what else we’d use it for.”