Rice Ranch

Established by James Norval Rice in 1853
Location: Linn County
2009 Owner: Richard N. Rice


Eighteen-year-old James Norval Rice came to Oregon in 1850 with his father’s wagon train. He established his donation land claim six miles from present-day Sweet Home three years later. Besides farming, Rice took time out to serve with the Oregon Mounted Volunteers in the Rogue River Indian War of 1855-1856. In 1882 he served Linn County as a representative to the Oregon Legislative Assembly.


The old orchard still remains on the ranch, but the earlier horses, milk cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and goats have been replaced with beef cattle. Eighty acres of the ranch are in timber.
A barn with a round curved roof.
A barn at the Rice Ranch under refabrication in 1999. (Rice Family Photo)

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