Herrling-Arnold-Brock Farm

Established by Vineyard C. Brock in 1854
Location: Linn County
2009 Owner: Franklin Herrling 


Vineyard C. Brock and three of his children came to Oregon from Tennessee in 1852. Meanwhile, Brock's wife Clarissa stayed, apparently from that point forward, in Tennessee with their two youngest children. Brock filed a donation land claim in 1854 five miles from Shedd. He died in 1861 and his son Steward later ran the farm. Cows and grain were the mainstay for many years. More names were added to the farm over the decades. Mary Agnes Brock married Charles Arnold in the early 1890s. Their daughter Janet then married Edmond Herrling, thereby accounting for the full name of the Herrling-Arnold-Brock Farm.


Today, the 6th and 7th generations live on the farm, where grass seed is the principle crop on the 134 remaining acres.