Hattan Farm

Established by Mark A. and Martha Hattan in 1847
Location: Clackamas County
2009 Owner: Dr. William H. MacFarlane


Mark Hattan was married in Illinois on April 16, 1845. Six days later he and his bride departed for Oregon. They reached Missouri too late to accompany the immigrant wagon train of that year so they waited there until 1846 to continue. After arriving in Oregon, Hattan settled his claim about eight miles from Oregon City between Redland and Carver in 1847. In the early years of the farm, the Hattan Family and their in-laws, the MacFarlanes, grew oats and hay while raising milk cows, hogs, chickens and other livestock. Over time the farm has changed to meet the economic needs of the period. 


Mark Hattan’s great grandson William MacFarlane cares for draft, saddle, and carriage horses and raises some hay.
A woman smiling & holding a young boy.
Grandma Lattie MacFarlane holds young William circa 1936. (MacFarlane Family Photo)

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