Coon Family Farm

​Established by Washington L. and Susan Coon in 1850
Location: Linn County
2009 Owners: Donald and Dona Coon; Mike and Tami Coon


Washington Coon took out his donation land claim in 1850. He soon traveled back east to Pennsylvania where he married Susan, a widow with children. They returned over the Oregon Trail, with the stepsons claiming the adjoining 320 acres next to the Coon’s land claim. Like most early Willamette Valley farmers, the Coons raised grain, vetch hay, cattle, horses, dairy cows and hogs. Over the years, the primary crop changed from grains and hay to grass seed.


The 5th generation brothers raise grass seed, field peas, clover seed, triticale, and wheat while maintaining a small beef operation on a farm that now exceeds 4,000 acres.
Washington Coon as a senior man sits in a chair with his arm resting on a side table. He's wearing a suit & has a full beard.
Washington Coon (shown here in 1887) and his wife, Susan, established their farm in 1850. (Coon Family Photo)

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