Birdseye Ranch

Established by David and Clarissa Birdseye in 1853
Location: Jackson County 
2009 Owner: Victor Theodore “Ted” Birdseye II


David Nelson Birdseye and his wife Clarissa settled in the Rogue River Valley near Gold Hill in 1853. As with most of the early farms and ranches, crops and livestock were diversified. By the 20th century, the ranch focused on raising a small beef herd, hay, pasture, and occasionally grain. In the 1980s, with the price of beef down, Ted Birdseye switched to 300 head of sheep. But with coyote, big cat, and domestic dog problems, he shifted back to cattle.


Besides cattle, the ranch raises quarter horses and maintains a hay crop and pasture land. The original log house built in 1856 burned in a fire in 1990. Although declared a total loss, Ted Birdseye had the landmark structure rebuilt according to its original design, including using 1850s construction techniques. It was a strong statement of the pride demonstrated by these descendents of pioneer families.
River running along forested banks.
The scenic Rogue River flows a short distance from the Birdseye ranch house. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

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