Oregon Student Essays 2023 - Anuva Shah

My Pandemic Experience

Written by Anuva Shah

Teacher: Allyson Edwards, 7th Grade
Tumwater Middle School​

Drawing of happy things from the pandemic on left side, sad things on right.  

When COVID-19 first started affecting me, I was only in fourth grade. I remember hearing rumors, and being quick to ignore them. However, slowly, I started noticing more and more of my friends bringing wipes and sanitizer to school. More whispers of a terrifying, life-changing virus. 

Suddenly, spring break was extended, and the rest of the in-person school year canceled. Then, we were to learn on an alien platform called “Zoom”. I was excited at first when I realized we had more time for break - clearly remember contacting my friends in the happiness of more freetime. But when the online school year began, I realized how different online school was to the real, in person school I was used to. 

There were certainly benefits of online school, considering how I learned ways to better understand technology, and loved being able to have more independent time without my class and teacher. However, COVID-19 impacted me and my life far more negatively than positively. Not being able to communicate with my friends in person was impossible for me, since I was so used to meeting them almost every day of the week. I didn’t realize how much of an impact my friends had on me, my mood, and my lifestyle. 

 Overall, even though the pandemic had negative aspects, like losing much of my in-person social interaction, and not being able to go out without a mask smothering my face, I tried to remember positive parts, like staying in the comfort of my own home, and being able to talk to any of my friends by simply sending them a text or link. The virus changed me thoroughly, and was a vital part of my life. It helped create who I am now, two years from when the pandemic first began.

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