Oregon Student Essays 2023 - Chazlyn Hale

My Pandemic Experience​​

Written by Chazlyn Hale

Teacher: Amy York, 8th Grade
Mitchell School

Covid-19 started back when I was in 5th grade during our Spring Break. At first we thought it was just going to be a longer Spring Break, but we were all wrong about that. After a week or two we got our computers to use at our homes. We started to use them everyday for school work. At first, it was a little hard, because it was all online. That summer everything was shut down.

When I got into 6th grade it got way easier to work on the computer because we all had the time to work and figure out how they worked fully and what to do on them. Halfway through the year we went into a hybrid school system where we switched with a “B” group. When you got to school you had to have a mask on whether you rode the bus or not.

During the summer most things were closed and you could not do a lot but some states had almost everything open. Texas was one of the places that I got to go to and it had everything open to the public. We went to a lot of things that a lot of people recommend you do in Texas.

Seventh grade was a bit harder because I changed schools. I used to go to Crook County Middle School. I now go to Mitchell. Mitchell is small so everyone knows everyone so it was a lot easier to spread Covid there. When it hit Spring Break of 2021 we were finally free from the masks and we did not have to wear them any more. I finally felt free from the mask and everyone in the school did too.

Drawing of a laptop with a zoom call going on. Below, a drawing of buildings with closed signs.  

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