Oregon Student Essays 2023 - Marin Busmalis Temple

My Pandemic Experience

Written by Marin Busmalis Temple​

​​Teacher: Amy York, 8th Grade
Mitchell School​

Drawing of the earth as seen from space.
​​​​​​​It all started on March 15, but the day before was 3/14/20 also known as pi day. I like to compete in reciting pi. I got the school record again with 151 digits. Then we got the call that changed everything. Not seeing friends online, stores closed. I was in 6th grade after the​ school year. We were lucky that we could go back to school but with masks. November 27, 2020 my mom got bad news that she has a kind of cancer called Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Because of this my mom will had to go to Boston for treatment. 

Traveling in Covid is hard. KN95 masks, tests lots of tests, face shield you name it. After about ten hours of traveling I was in a very different place. Boston was really cautious unlike Central Oregon. Being in Boston I felt like I wasn’t being judged the way I felt when I was in Oregon. There was an unexpected delay with my mom’s transplant, I was stuck in Boston for three months because of that. I did online school while everybody was together. That was really hard I remember. When I came back from Boston it was the same how I left it being judged and feeling left out. The rest of 6th and 7th I started getting tired of masks and testing. This year I am still traveling but not as safe as I was before.

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