Oregon Student Essays 2019 Web Exhibit

Tumalo State Park
Luther Lawson
Kellie Eldridge’s 6th Grade Class
Elton Gregory Middle School, Redmond

Essay Drawing

Deschutes River drawn with colorful felt pens in impressionist style.
This impressionistic drawing by Luther Lawson shows the Deschutes River at Tumalo State Park.

Essay Text

My favorite State Park is Tumalo State Park because I love swimming through the river and fighting against the rapids. Also I like walking up the trails to the bridge and putting my donut shaped float tube into the water and going through the rapids and usually falling off and hitting my butt on the rocks because I slip off the donut shaped float tube all the time. 

Another thing that I enjoy doing at Tumalo is bringing my dogs, Ruby a German Pointer who is extremely energetic. I’ve had Ruby for 3 years and she doesn’t like the water, but when there’s a bird she does not care if she gets wet are not. 

Then when my friends come to Tumalo with me we get our donut float tubes and go to the bridge and tie all of our tubes together, then go down the rapids. We all usually fall off because the rope gets stuck on a rock and we have to swim up the rapids to get the tubes that got stuck on the rock. Also, sometimes we try to block off the rapids with rocks. Also we try to get to this picnic table that is on the side of the river somewhere, I don’t know if it’s still there, but we just sit there and talk, while people going down the rapids look at us like we are crazy people. 

And that’s my favorite state park and probably always will be because it requires the least amount of hiking.​

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