Oregon Student Essays 2021 Web Exhibit

Wallowa Lake State Park

Halle Krom
John Scanlan’s 8th Grade Class
Sunridge Middle School, Pendleton

Essay Drawing

Drawing of girl with images of her imagination over her head including riding a horse, driving a go cart, sailing a boat.
This drawing by Halle Krom depicts some of the fun things to do in the Wallowa Lake State Park area.​

Essay Text

This might seem very cliche, but my favorite Oregon State Parks is Wallowa Lake. I can say with 100% confidence that this is my favorite park, even though I’ve only been there once.

Wallowa Lake has such amazing views, and just thinking about my experience there brings me great euphoria! The tramway is outstanding and is such a fun little way to the restaurant on top of the mountain. The views up there are even better than the views from down below. 

There are quite a few cafes and gift shops if you drive around the area, and each one of them are filled with superior food, and the nicest employees!

There are countless amazing and fun experiences to have at Wallowa Lake, but I’ll leave it up to you to check it out for yourself. The fun is endless at Wallowa, and these are just a few of my reasons why I love it so very much.​