Oregon Student Essays 2021 Web Exhibit

The Cove Palisades State Park

Jacob Hurd
Ms Campbell’s 3rd Grade Class
Buff Elementary, Madras

Essay Drawing

Drawing of a lake with a rock overlook, hiking trails, cabins and tents on the horizon
This drawing by Jacob Hurd shows camping, boating, and hiking at The Cove Palisades State Park.

Essay Text

Note: The text is displayed as written.

I am writing about Cove Palisides. The Cove has two camp grounds and cabins. I piked it because there is a lake in the hight desert. 

To start there is a lake in the high desert. Did you know you can do tons of stuff at the lake. You can water ski with your frinds. You can go fishing for kokahee, bull trout, bass and crayfish. And you can go swiming with your family.

Next you can explor in the hight desert. You can go camping and hiking. You can look at the nature. My favoret is the balancing rocks. My favoret hike is the Tamat’an trail. It is cool because it over looks the lake. They call the hight desert that because it is very dry.

Last I piked the cove because there is a lot to do at the cove like camping, boting, hiking and exploring. It is rilly cool because there is a lake in the hight desert.

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