Oregon Student Essays 2021 Web Exhibit

Harris Beach State Park
Ivy Elseth
Mrs. Thompson’s Kindergarten Class
Lincoln Elementary School, Grants Pass

Essay Drawing

Drawing of a girl in a park roasting something over a fire. A tent is in the front with evergreen trees in the back.
This drawing by Ivy Elseth shows a campsite at Harris Beach State Park.

Essay Text

Note: The text is displayed as written.

At Harris Beach State Park I like to walk by the water and roast mrshmelow by the fire and one time me and my sister and my uncle climd up a boulder. Me and my sister like to bick around the block. Sum time we go a difrit way. We like to invite my gramo and my grapo, my cusins to. 

I like to invite to my capsite. We like to talk. My dad made hot dog and for breakfast, backin, eggs, pancakes. And for luch we sum time go out. Sum time we go to Zola’s pizza and at Zola’s we git to draw on the table and on every pizza box there is a difrit picsr. Wen we wit there was a Z on are pizza box. And sum times we breing chips – fredos. Are dog Kima always wit into the wotr. My sister, me and my dad wit into the water.

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