Oregon Student Essays 2021 Web Exhibit

Silver Falls State Park
Emma Arvin
Jessica Sloan’s 8th Grade Class
Duniway Middle School, McMinnville

Essay Drawing

Drawing of a tree on its side with moss and a few leaves on the branches.
This drawing by Emma Arvin shows a downed tree at Silver Falls State Park.

Essay Text

Silver Falls State Park is one of my all-time favorite state parks. There are many different trails you can explore, different sights to see. There are tall, green trees and plants littered along the ground. You can spot different types of animals, like deer, birds, insects, and some really cool slugs! It is a great place to go with my family. Everyone loves it! The trails range from easy to a bit more challenging, from a few miles to several miles! Along these trails you can see ten stunning waterfalls.

But my favorite part of Silver falls is hiking along the trail called South Falls and Maple Ridge Loop where you can walk behind the South Falls. When you are behind it, you can feel the spray of water against your face and the roaring of the rushing water is so loud you can’t hear anyone talking. Walking behind it though can be sort of challenging though, there are gianormous puddles you have to skip around and a giant cliff above your head, but it makes it even more fun!

All in all, Silver Falls is a fantastic place to visit with the wildlife and the different trails, no matter if it is rainy or sunny, I guarantee it is the funnest State Park to visit! 

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