Oregon Student Essays 2019 Web Exhibit

Salem World Beat Festival

Essay and drawing by Emma Zuniga
Mrs. Haux’s Fifth Grade Class
Harritt Elementary School, Salem

Essay Drawing

A drawing of a globe with the words "Celebrate Explore Culture" around the edge and "World Beat" across the bottom.
A drawing by Emma Zuniga shows a globe representing the Salem World Beat Festival.

Essay Text

It all started in 1998 at Riverfront Park, in Salem Oregon. Or as the children of this time call it, the Carousel. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a festival that celebrated all our different cultures? Well you’re in luck, there is a festival that’s called the World Beat Festival and it celebrates all the cool differences, cultures and traditions of our ancestors. 

This festival was created by two moms named Mona Hayes and Kathleen Fish. They both thought it was important that children learned about different cultures around the world. So they both sat down and thought, until coming up with an idea to bring everyone that wanted to share their culture with the next generation in a giant festival named World Beat Festival where they could share. This festival has been going on for just about 21 years now and still counting.

Some examples of the cultural festivities that you can experience at this festival are Native dances, listening to cultural songs, cooking and eating traditional foods and so much more. There is also a children’s parade where children not only learn about their culture but other children’s cultures as well. While you are walking around the festival you get to see, taste, feel an experience other wonderful cultures. 

If you’ve never been to the World Beat Festival in Salem Oregon, think about going. I know it will be a wonderful experience to get to learn about diverse cultures in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Fun fact, did you know that there are more than 70 cultures that go to the World Beat Festival to share their culture and stories with others. World Beat is a weekend long event and takes place between June and July of each year at Salem’s Riverfront Park. So, if you’re not doing anything during the festival time, go to Riverfront Park and learn about different cultures and more about your own!

End of Exhibit