Oregon Student Essays 2019 Web Exhibit

Owyhee County Fair in Homedale, Idaho

Essay and drawing by Cooper Mackenzie
Ms. Green’s Fourth Grade Class
Rockville School, Jordan Valley Area

Essay Drawing

A drawing of a boy and his pig at the fair
A drawing by Cooper Mackenzie shows a county fair judge awarding a ribbon to Cooper and his pig, Molly, at the Owyhee County Fair in Homedale, Idaho. Because of distances, Rockville School 4-H members have a choice of participating in the Malheur County Fair in Ontario or the Owyhee County Fair.

Essay Text

I like fair a lot. You can show different animals. I showed a pig. I loved it because I had a great time! My pigs’ names were Molly and Joe. I had my pigs for almost a year. My pigs were like friends to me. It was hard to sell Molly. I mean I did not like to feed them, but they were funny. At feeding time they ran around in circles. Showing my pig was awesome! I got third for juniors.

There are a lot of rides at the fair. On one you go down a slide really fast. The bungee jumping was popular. You could do back flips to.

You see a lot of friends there. Some show animals and some do not. The food is so good. Some is not good for you, some is. Like the snow cones are not good for you, but they sure taste good on a hot summer day.

I love fair!