Oregon Student Essays 2019 Web Exhibit

About the 2019 Exhibit

Drawing of a knight in armor atop a horse.
Zaylee Rose drew this jousting knight to illustrate his essay about the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire.
Festivals and celebrations are important reflections of Oregon's cultural identity. And the theme of the 2019-2020 Oregon Blue Book is "Celebrating Oregon's Local Festivals." Therefore, the secretary of state encouraged Oregon students to participate in the third Oregon Blue Book essay contest by answering the 2019 essay question:
What is your favorite local community celebration, festival, carnival, fiesta, or fair and why?
Contestants were asked to limit their essays to about 350 words and to illustrate their essays with drawings. This exhibit features the six winning essays. The essays are displayed as written and are presented alphabetically. 

Note: Some images have been tinted for exhibit purposes.


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