Oregon Student Essays Web Exhibit 2017

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"Wahclella Falls" by:

Soren Nilsen-Goodin, Essay Contest Winner

Lisa Colombo’s Sixth Grade Class
Southwest Charter School, Portland

photographer standing in front of Wahclella Falls
Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. (Photo courtesy Kelvin Kay via Wikimedia)
Located near the Columbia River, it’s an amazing place to hike, to swim and to have fun. As soon as you walk into the forest everything stops. The bustling of the city stops. The sound of cars speeding down the road stops. Everything stops. Except for Nature. The sounds of nature start. The pleasant sound of birds chirping. Trees swaying and especially the waterfall.
The closer you get to the waterfall it sounds like thunder. Thunder and rain. And then you look at the creek. You see fish jumping in the rapids. You think about what a pleasant day there having. Just like you. And this is why I would take a friend to Wahclella Falls.