Oregon Student Essays Web Exhibit 2017

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Middle School Category

"The Oregon Surf" by:

Hayes Blackman, Essay Contest Runner-up

Lynette Gottlieb’s Seventh Grade Class
Ashbrook Independent School

plantlife growing on the beach
The beach near Otter Crest. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

Oregon has some of the most special surfing on the planet. If I had a friend visit I would take them surfing. He may not be used to the cold water, but I promise my friend will fall in love with surfing. Getting up for your first time on the board, feeling the salt spray on your face, that is what nature is all about. Surfing is for all ages, whether you’re eight or eighty. It is the essence of the outdoors.
I love the beaches and I never want to have to let the go. With all the beautiful places to surf in Oregon my family’s favorite is Otter’s Crest. It’s not terribly large, but it’s still amazing. The water can be so chilled that your feet turn blue. If you swim out far enough you discover a marvelous kelp forest. When the water is clear you can see the kelp glisten. I want someone else to see this beauty and fall in love. This beach of mine is what I love and will always savor.