Oregon Student Essays Web Exhibit 2017

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Elementary School Category

"Frog Lake" by:

Colton Anderson, Essay Contest Runner-up

Maggie Harlow’s Fifth Grade Class
Memorial Elementary, McMinnville

Trillium Lake with Mount Hood in distance
Frog Lake is one of many scenic lakes near Mount Hood. Shown above is nearby Trillium Lake, another popular destination. (Oregon State Archives Photo).
Frog Lake is nestled in Mt. Hood National Park a mile off the highway. On the Frog Lake Trail about 4 miles up is a beautiful lake about 2 feet at its deepest. During the winter it freezes almost to the bottom. It is surrounded by a dense forest and the wide trail cut right through it. The lake is completely clear all the way to the bottom.
My dad and I have snowshoed up there with our skates over our shoulders, sticks, and our puck, and played hockey. He taught me some techniques on skating and puck handling. We camped up there for three days and it was lots of fun. On the third day we hiked back, got in the old S10 [pick-up truck] and drove home.
Once we got home we told stories about how fun it was. I can’t wait to go back again!