Oregon Student Essays 2015 Web Exhibit

student drawing of surprised baby bear
A "baby bear"
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Elementary School: "Why I Like Oregon"

By Cierra Shapley, Essay Contest Winner

Mrs. Salisbury’s fourth grade class
Candy Lane Elementary School, Milwaukie
Note: the following drawings are by Cierra Shapley.
I like Oregon because of all the nice camps they have. The Lolly Lake has huckleberries to pick and eat! My mom makes the best huckleberry pancakes ever! I like to go hiking on the mountains with my mom and dad. There is a smaller lake nearby that has a raft on it. Here’s a picture of it. [see below]

drawing of people on a raft at Lolly Lake

I also go to Cape Lookout. I can ride my bike there. I even get to ride to the beach. I can show you a picture of Cape Lookout! [see below]
hiking paths and roadways at Cape Lookout

It’s a cool camp. I collect seashells on the beach and sticks in the woods. I collect sticks to make torches but don’t worry, I keep them over the fire so nobody gets hurt. I love to see the sun set with my mom. I also like to see the sunrise too.