Oregon Student Essays 2015 Web Exhibit

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Elementary School: "Why I Like Oregon"

By Nieka Marais, Essay Contest Runner-up

Daphne Wood’s Fourth Grade Class
Ainsworth Elementary School, Portland

storm clouds in Lake County
Nieka writes that Oregonians are undaunted by weather changes. Above, a storm darkens the desert on the Doherty Rim along Highway 140. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

I like to live in Oregon because of the weather. In the spring the weather is like a rollercoaster because one day it will be nice and warm, then the clouds would roll in and it will be raining cats and dogs. Oregonians don’t really even care.

In the eastern part of Oregon the climate is very dry. Due to the Cascade Mountains the clouds can’t cross over with rain. This is called the rain shadow.

I like to live in Oregon also because of the history. I like how Lewis and Clark came to explore the land now known as Oregon. I like how people chose to give up their life in the east to come to the wilderness known as Oregon. I like how there is a story behind Oregon that you have to hear and keep with you forever.

mural of the Lewis and Clark Expedition along the Columbia River
The Lewis and Clark Expedition overlooks the Columbia River in this mural by Robert Thomas in The Dalles. (Oregon State Archives Photo)