Oregon Student Essays 2015 Web Exhibit

Middle School: "My Favorite Oregon Place"

Kili Kato, Essay Contest Runner-up

Ms Stadeli’s Sixth Grade Class
Scotts Mills Elementary School, Scotts Mills
rock formations in Siletz Bay at low tide
Low tide reveals the bed of Siletz Bay on the southern edge of Lincoln City. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
The tangy smell of the salty water wafts into my nose. Above me the seagulls swoop down, down, down towards the water, almost making contact, but at the last moment, they swoop up to the sky. I am at the ocean, where I feel as a wild horse feeling the rush of the wind for the first time. This is my favorite place in Oregon, Lincoln City.

When you go up the warm, grainy beach you see a city, full of antique shops with beautiful wind chimes that jingle out in the salty sea air. With candy shops, that once you step inside, amazing smells of flavorful taffy, and the smell of chocolates float up to your nose.

Sitting in the comforting sand next to the big, aqua ocean I feel as if the sea beckons me to come play with the waves and splash wildly with the seagulls. When I answer the promising call and I feel the cool water and the wet sand slip away at my feet, I feel peaceful. When the wonderful day is coming to an end I take one more longing glance at the beautiful, sun setting ocean horizon, I know I love it.

sun setting behind rocks at the beach
The sun sets on a Lincoln County beach south of Lincoln City. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

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