Oregon Student Essays 2015 Web Exhibit

student drawing depciting fishing with dad
Astoria third grade student, Jaxon Dietrichs, drew this picture of salmon fishing with his dad as part of an essay about why he likes living in Oregon.

About the Exhibit 

yellow balsamroot and purple lupine with rock formation in background
Many of the essays focus on the scenic beauty of Oregon. Shown here are wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
Back in 1905, students from around Oregon submitted essays and other school work on a range of subjects for display at the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Portland. The goal was to show visitors the high quality of education in the state (view Oregon's Early Rural Schools exhibit).
Following that theme, Secretary of State Kate Brown asked current Oregon students to write about their state. Here are the questions:

Elementary School

Why do you like living in Oregon?

Middle School

Where is your favorite place to visit in Oregon and why?
This exhibit includes the winning essays and essays from three other finalists in each category. Most are illustrated by images from the Oregon State Archives.
Note: Some images have been tinted for exhibit purposes.

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Elementary school student essays (Why I like Oregon)

Cierra Shapley, contest winner
Nieka Marais, contest runner-up
Jaxon Dietrichs, contest runner-up
Alia Shafran, contest runner-up

Middle school student essays (My favorite Oregon place)

Inessa Garrey, contest winner
Lily Volger, contest runner-up
Kaleigh A. Henderson, contest runner-up
Kili Kato, contest runner-up