Oregon Cemeteries Web Exhibit

silhouette of cross with purple, pink, and yellow sunset in background
The sun sets behind a monument at the Heppner Masonic Cemetery in eastern Oregon’s Morrow County. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
Outlines of headstones on a lawn with the words "Rest in Peace" & "Exploring Oregon's Cemeteries."

three dimensional carving of man with cane holding wife's hand
About the Exhibit

This exhibit features selected photographs from Oregon cemeteries. The images offer a glimpse at the wide range of ways that people represent themselves and their loved ones in death. The development of cemeteries mirrors larger societal trends about how the living relate to the dead. This exhibit is just a taste of some of the thousands of cemeteries in the state. Still, it shows cemeteries in diverse settings all around Oregon — from farmland to deserts to mountains.

Exhibit Introduction—learn about the history of Oregon's cemeteries.

Image, right: A detail from a monument at Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland. (Oregon State Archives Photo)