Oregon Authors: Kim Stafford

cover photograph of a forest with the sun shining through
by Kim
Copyright © 1986
 Having Everything Right: Essays of Place

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"A collection of essays first published to critical acclaim in 1986, Having Everything Right revolves around the history, folklore, and physical beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Kim Stafford writes poetic and evocative prose as he reflects on such subjects as Indian place names, bears, and local eccentrics. An essay titled 'Pine, Fir, Cedar, Yew,' begins with Stafford describing his workbench, which he fashioned from scavenged boards, and slowly turns into a beautifully rendered meditation on wood. 'Any table of virgin fir, any maple chair, any oak floor is a bundle of stories,' Stafford writes, artfully pointing out what most of us would never take time to notice."
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