Oregon Focus

drawing of Abigail Scott Duniway, a coytoe, and a meadowlark above map of Oregon
Native American legends, Oregon people to know, and selected state symbols are part of these resources designed to help younger students learn about the state. Pictured above: women's rights pioneer Abigail Scott Duniway; a student drawing of a coyote from an Indian legend; and the Western Meadowlark, Oregon's state bird.
These resources focus on legends, people, and symbols that helped make Oregon unique. They are adapted from "Learning About Oregon Symbols, Legends, and Facts," written by Marvin L. and Marjorie A. Covey in 1973 and produced by the Oregon Board of Education (view book). While designed for younger students, they offer great information for all ages.

Native American Legends

People to Know

Selected State Symbols

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