Web Exhibits

These Web exhibits combine images and text to help interpret Oregon's rich history and culture.

Current Web Exhibits​

Vintage postcare of man taking photo of family at Oregon coast. Oregon State Parks Centennial - photos celebrating 100 years of state parks

Drawing of girl sitting next to dog.
Oregon Student Essays 2021 - favorite Oregon State Park is the theme from current students

Past Web Exhibits​

Children dancing
Oregon's Colorful Festivals - photos and artwork illustrating celebrations from around the state

An advertisement for the 1969 State Fair
Exploring the Oregon State Fair - weird, wacky and wonderful!

A drawing of a knight
Oregon Student Essays 2019 - favorite Oregon festivals is the theme from current students

Male hiker sits at the top of a mountain looking out over other mountain peeks.
Cascades Recreation - photos and artwork illustrating recreation in the Oregon Cascades

Hundreds of headstones marking graves in a cemetery.
Exploring Oregon's Cemeteries - diverse scenes of resting places throughout Oregon
A child's drawing of a beach scene including the ocean, a large rock, people playing in the sand.
Oregon Student Essays 2017 - Outdoor recreation is the theme from current students

Young men on a football team pose with a football and their coaches.
Early Rural Schools - photos, artwork and memorabilia from a colorful era in Oregon education

Child's drawing of a fishing trip includes 2 people in a boat, 1 holds a net, another holds a fishing pole. A fish in the water.
Oregon Student Essays 2015 - thoughts on what makes Oregon special from current students
Barn on a grassy meadow with low hills in the background.
Diverse County Landscapes - a photo from each county celebrating the wide range of Oregon scenery

Bob Straub & his wife stand before a sign reading "Bob Straub State Park."
Protecting Oregon Beaches - a look at how we use the beaches and our efforts to protect them

Drawing of the capitol with the words "Oregon Blue Book" and "Centennial Exhibit" to each side of the capitol dome.
Oregon Blue Book Centennial - celebrating 100 years of Oregon's official almanac and fact book

Drawing of a woman as the statue of liberty with a torch held high walking over the western states to the east.
Woman Suffrage Centennial - celebrating 100 years of women voting in Oregon

3 young people, a girl & 2 males, stand with thtier cows at a fair.
Century Farms & Ranches - at the heart of Oregon history for over 150 years

Drawing of Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport.
Depression Era Public Works - art, architecture and engineering to spur the ailing economy

Drawing of the 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition hall from the outside with people walking about the grounds.
Lewis and Clark Exposition - memorabilia from 1905 fair in Portland

Drawing of a crawfish with the words "Portland Crawfish Company Trade Mark" over the top.
Historical Oregon Trademarks - labels from around Oregon over the decades

8 men in a boat with oars held up in the air.
Oregon at Work - workers from around Oregon over the decades

Snow covered mountain top with a whispy cloud covering park of the peek.
Tour Oregon's Counties - scenic images from each of Oregon's counties

Mural of the meeting of John McGloughlin and first women to cross the continent by covered wagon in 1836
Tour the Oregon Capitol - colorful views of the statehouse