Web Exhibits

These Web exhibits combine images and text to help interpret Orego​n's rich history and culture.

Current Web Exhibits​

Vintage postcare of man taking photo of family at Oregon coast.Oregon State Parks Centennial - photos celebrating 100 years of state parks

Drawing of girl sitting next to dog.
Oregon Student Essays 2021 - favorite Oregon State Park is the theme from current students​

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Past Web Exhibits​

Children dancing
Oregon's Colorful Festivals - photos and artwork illustrating celebrations from around the state

An advertisement for the 1969 State Fair
Exploring the Oregon State Fair - weird, wacky and wonderful!
Hundreds of headstones marking graves in a cemetery.
Exploring Oregon's Cemeteries - diverse scenes of resting places throughout Oregon
Young men on a football team pose with a football and their coaches.
Early Rural Schools - photos, artwork and memorabilia from a colorful era in Oregon education

Bob Straub & his wife stand before a sign reading "Bob Straub State Park."
Protecting Oregon Beaches - a look at how we use the beaches and our efforts to protect them
words read Oregon Blue Book Covers 1911 to present with clouds in background
Oregon Blue Book Covers - 1911 to present​
Drawing of a woman as the statue of liberty with a torch held high walking over the western states to the east.
Woman Suffrage Centennial - celebrating 100 years of women voting in Oregon

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