Independent Colleges

church on seminary campus
The church and bell tower at Mt. Angel Abbey. The campus is the home of Mt. Angel Seminary. (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20100318-0420​)

Oversight and Representation

Oregon is home to many private colleges, universities and career schools providing a wide range of college and career training opportunities to Oregonians.

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) recognizes higher education institutions for performance, integrity and quality to merit the confidence of the educational community and the public. The commission’s accreditation of postsecondary institutions is a voluntary, non-governmental, self-regulatory process of quality assurance and institutional improvement.

Accreditation or preaccreditation by NWCCU also qualifies institutions and enrolled students for access to Title IV federal funds to support teaching, research and student financial aid.​​