Welcome from Governor Tina Kotek

January 2023

Governor Tina Kotek

​Dear Oregon,

Oregon faces major challenges, but I know that we can make things better, fix what’s not working, and come together to turn things around.

In my first year as Oregon’s Governor, I will work tirelessly to deliver results on issues of shared concern across our state: housing and homelessness, access to mental health and addiction treatment, and successful schools.

I ask my fellow Oregonians – no matter who you voted for – to believe in our state and its future. Please be engaged so we can help solve problems together.

The Oregon Blue Book is a fantastic resource to help you learn more about the history of our great state, the mechanics of how our government works, and the arts and cultural institutions that are unique to Oregon. I encourage you to read through these pages, use the information to help guide the projects you care about, and share something interesting that you learn with your friends and family.

Oregonians don’t back down when things get hard. We dig in, we think outside the box, and we get the job done. I’m looking forward to moving Oregon forward together.


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Tina Kotek

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