Welcome from Governor Kate Brown

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Governor Kate Brown
January 2019
To My Fellow Oregonians,

Our responsibility in state government is to serve Oregon’s people by ensuring we have healthy families and safe communities. We must preserve the beauty and bounty of our state for generations to come through careful stewardship of our precious natural resources. We must ensure that all students have the tools they need to succeed from cradle to career. We must foster a robust economy. We must work toward inclusivity so all people who call Oregon home feel welcome and safe here.

In the pages of this Blue Book, you can learn more about what makes Oregon special — its geography, history, symbols, and governance. You’ll also get a glimpse of the individuals who serve their fellow Oregonians as they work every day to address our state’s most important issues through elected office, at state agencies, and on boards and commissions.

A critical component of our democracy is public engagement. Your voice matters to us, and I encourage every Oregonian to become involved in making our communities more inclusive and livable so we can work alongside one another to build a future where everyone thrives.
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Kate Brown