About Reporting Misuse of State Resources

​​​Who will answer my call?

Professional operators are available 24 hours a day to receive your call. They will assist you with the reporting process to help ensure we have enough information to determine if an investigation is warranted. 

Am I required to leave my name or phone number when I call?

No, your call can be anonymous. If you decide to identify yourself, your name and phone number will be kept confidential. We are required by ORS 177.180(3) to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency of potential criminal activity and the Oregon Government Ethics Commission of potential violations of ORS Chapter 244

Do you investigate the use of city or county funds? What about private organizations?

If a city, county or private organization misuses funds received from the state, we can investigate. If you are uncertain ​about the source of funds, please call the hotline. We can help determine if state funds are involved. 

What if I'm not sure this hotline is the right place to call?

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Does the incident involve misuse of state money or equipment?
  • Are state employees involved?

If you answer yes to either question, please call the hotline. ​

If I call to report misuse of state resources w​hat information should I provide?

Specific information, including names of persons potentially involved and persons who also know about the matter; dates, times and details of the incident(s); and any documentation you or others can provide. Nonspecific allegations of mismanagement or misuse of state resources are difficult or impossible for us to investigate.​​​​​​​