Other Records

In addition to legislative audio records, other media is stored in the lower vault. Some examples are photographs represented in two exhibits:

Both feature state Highway Department tourism promotion photographs from the 1930s. More photographs are part of the cooperative project between the Archives and the Salem Public Library and Marion County Historical Society. Access these images on the Oregon Historical Photograph Collections​ page.

More historic photographs are included in Web Exhibits and Projects​ and the State Agency Records Guides which depict activities relevant to each agency.


We hope this tour enhanced your understanding of the services, products and duties of the Oregon State Archives. Our goal is to preserve the state's documentary heritage and make it accessible to all.

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Collage of 3 images: vista house in the columbia gorge, 3 women skiing, horse pulling a net in a river with a man holding reins.
The lower vault holds thousands of state Highway Department tourism photographs and negatives. Top to bottom: Vista House (692); Mt. Hood skiers (1235); Horse seining (1295).