Accessioning Records

The Archives is not just a static collection of old records. It is constantly growing with new records from state and local government offices.

Accessioning is an archival term for the process of incorporating records from targeted sources (in this case, Oregon state and local government offices) into the holdings of the Archives. To qualify, records must be listed on a valid records retention schedule as having a permanent retention. Record Retention Retention Schedules​ are produced by the Archives in cooperation with agencies in a process that analyses the function and value of the records. Less than 5% of records created qualify as having enduring value.

When the records no longer have a use in the agency office, the Archives accepts transfer, creates finding aids and promotes access by the public. Once records are formally accessioned, they become the legal property of the Archives and are not eligible for loan or transfer back to the agency.
Pallet jack with pallet attached and about a dozen boxes on top.
Newly accessioned records are often moved to shelves using a pallet and pallet jack. They are stored in acid free boxes.