Accessing Records

Once you identify records to examine using the resources described in the reference room, the next step is to locate and retrieve the records. To do this the reference archivist consults either the printed finding aid or a computer database to find the location of records in the stacks. 

The stacks are organized by floor, section, row, tier and shelf number for quick retrieval of records. Numbers on shelves identify locations corresponding with numbers on record labels. This image shows section 1, row 8, tier 1:
The end of a metal shelf with the number 8 and a sign reading "1/8 County Volumes Benton-Clackamas."
The system also allows staff to manage open space to accommodate newly arriving records. A cart is used to transport records from the shelf to the researcher's table. Boxes should remain on the cart and should not be placed on the tables.

Transporting Records

Metal cart with wheels holding archive boxes.
The reference archivist uses a cart to transport records from the shelf to the reference room.