Required Registration

Before using records stored in the Archives or entering the reference room, you must register at the reception desk. OAR 166 requires a valid government-issued photo identification be furnished prior to entering the reference room. You will complete a registration form with name, identification number, phone number and mailing address. You will also sign the form and by doing so agree to rules and regulations designed to protect the unique and valuable records at the Archives.

Once the completed form is given to the receptionist, you'll be issued a blue reference identification card, which can be shown to the receptionist on subsequent visits to speed the registration process. A new registration form must be completed each year.

The receptionist will issue a "records use form." Deliver this form to a reference archivist immediately upon entry into the reference room. Do not write on this form.
Oregon State Archives Reference room researcher Id card example shows name, date and signature with ID #.
Researcher identification cards are issued after a registration form is completed. They help speed the registration process on future visits.