Rules for Using the Archives

​Researchers must sign a form agreeing to follow rules from the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR), Chapter 166 before using the reference room:

  1. No public records in the official custody of the State Archivist will be loaned for use outside the Oregon State Archives.
  2. Fees shall be charged for staff research and technical labor, copying, and certification services.
  3. Patrons shall register and shall furnish valid government-issued photo identification to enter the reference room.
  4. Patrons shall obtain written permission from the state or local agency, or its successor, which placed the public records in the official custody of the State Archivist in order to use public records exempted from disclosure.
  5. Patrons shall use only pencil when making notations, shall not mark public records, and shall maintain the original order of the public records consulted.
  6. No person shall smoke, drink, or eat in the reference room.
  7. Patrons shall notify the staff when their work is completed.
  8. Patrons shall not remove from the reference room public records or other materials in the official custody of the State Archivist.
  9. Patrons shall not alter, mutilate, or otherwise deface public records.
  10. Patrons shall take only pencils, paper, and research materials into the reference room. Lockers are provided for patron use.
Backpacks, brief cases, purses, or any enclosed items such as zippered notebooks cannot be brought into the reference room. Umbrellas and coats are also prohibited. Locker keys are available at the reception desk for lockers in the hallway to the right just before entering the reference room. The hallway includes a drinking fountain, restrooms and an elevator. 

Laptop computers and tape recorders are allowed in the reference room. Cell phones are allowed if used quietly. Personal radios, audio tape players, and compact disk players are allowed with the use of headphones, provided their use does not disturb other researchers.​

Food and drink may be consumed only in the waiting room or exhibit room. ​​

​​Public Lockers

A hallway with lockers on either wall and a drinking fountain.
Lockers are available in the hallway to store​ personal items not allowed in the reference room. Check with the receptionist for a key.