Major Archives Responsibilities

The Oregon State Archives is divided into the following units in addition to the State Archivist and a policy coordinator:

Reference Unit

The Reference Unit stores, describes and provides access and research services to permanent records at the Oregon State Archives. They inventory and describe targeted records held by county governments and other repositories as part of the Oregon Historical County Records Guide​. They work with state agencies and local governments to transfer permanently valuable records to the Archives. They produce finding aids, indexes, exhibits and other resources for use at the Archives and for web publication. The unit also recruits and manages volunteers to help describe records and provide research assistance.

Publications Unit

The Publications Unit files, codifies and publishes the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR). The OARs are published after a public hearing process by Oregon state agencies under the authority of the Oregon Revised Statutes. The unit also compiles and publishes the Oregon Blue Book​​, the official state directory of government, media, education, arts, almanac information and more. The Blue Book has been published by the Oregon Secretary of State since 1911.

Information and Records Management

The Information and Records Management Unit prepares records retention and disposition schedules for all units of government in Oregon, issues standards on recording media and provides assistance to government on records management issues. Schedules for records​ common to most agencies are issued as OAR chapter 166; schedules for records unique to an agency are issued individually. The unit operates the Security Copy Depository​, which provides storage and retrieval services for state and local agency security microfilm. The unit also provides training in records management.

State Records Center

The State Records Center​ stores inactive records of state agencies until they may be destroyed. Employees shelve, retrieve and re-file records as requested by depositing agencies, and destroy records that have met retention requirements. Records are stored in cardboard containers and shelved on units 13 feet high, which achieves great economies of scale by increasing the density of storage space.

Consult the Oregon Blue Book or the Oregon Administrative Rules chapter 166 for more information about the duties and responsibilities of the Oregon State Archives. Also see Services in the Reference Room​.

Round seal: around outside words "The State Archivist, State of Oregon." Inside image of eagle, covered wagon train, ship at sea
The seal of the State Archivist is required by Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 357​, which also describes duties of the office. ORS 192 and ORS 358 also include responsibilities assigned to the State Archivist.