Historical Oregon Maps

See how county boundaries changed in Oregon from 1843 to 1893. These maps are intended to provide researchers with understanding of significant county boundary changes over time. ​​
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​Map Timeline

1843: The colony inhabited 4 counties comprising an area bounded by latitude 54'40 on north, by the crest of the Rockies on east, by latitude 42' on south, by Pacific Ocean on west.
The region included present-day Idaho, Oregon and Washington; part of Montana and Wyoming; half the provice of British Columbia.

1849: The 10 counties which existed in Oregon still encompassed all of the area between latitudes 49' and 42' and west of the crest of the Rockies, an area of over 285,580 square miles.

1853: With 12 counties, the Oregon Territory now comprised the area south of the Columbia River and latitude 46', north of latitude 42', and between the Pacific Ocean and the crest of the Rockies.

1859: On the eve of statehood, there were 18 counties in the territory, an area of 96,981 square miles and a white population of roughly 53,000.