Background and Resources

Additional Resources

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Inventory of the County Archives of Oregon: Oregon Historical Records Survey. Federal Works Agency, Works Projects Administration, 1942. (Published editions available for 13 Oregon counties.)

Oregon Blue Book​: Brief histories and listing of current county officials.

The Oregon Constitution and Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1857, ed. Charles Henry Carey. Salem; State Printing Department, 1926.

Oregon Revised Statutes​: Statutory information about the formation of county government and the statutory citation for the creation of Oregon's 36 counties.

Project Background

"The Guide to Oregon Provisional and Territorial Government Records" (1990) is a publication of the Archives Division. Funding for the Guide was provided by the National Historic Publications and Records Commission through Grant 88-102. To purchase a hard copy, contact a Reference Archivist at (503) 373-0701 Ext.1, or


Terry Baxter: Arrangment and preparation of records for filming.
Jodi Miller Nelson and Ross Harbaugh: Microfilming.
David Wendell and Jim Yarbrough: Preparation of data, authoring series descriptions, data entry, and creation of some maps.
Desiree Garcia, Gary Halvorson, Tim Backer, and Dan Cantrall: Online version.
Layne Sawyer: Project Director.
Roy C. Turnbaugh: Additional project assistance.