Oregon Historical County Records Guide

​​This guide includes maps, county and office histories, scenic images and a comprehensive descriptive inventory of selected records for each of Oregon's 36 counties. The inventory listings describe records available at the State Archives, county offices, local museums and other repositories.

County Records Inventories​

Records held by the counties, the Oregon State Archives and others. This section includes an explanation of how the records series descriptions are compiled​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

County Histories​

Trace the evolution of county governments in Oregon. Histories include the creation and naming of the county; designation of boundaries; location of the county seat; construction of the courthouse; development of the county government; and descriptions of major industrial geographical, demographic, or historical features of the county.

Oregon Scenic Images​​

High resolution scenic images and landscape photos of the counties.

Historical County Offices and Duties

Types of county offices and the functions they perform.

Oregon Maps​

Maps of the state of Oregon showing counties, county seats and geographical features.

Inventory Background​

Project history for the Oregon Historical County Records Guide including inventory parameters and descriptions of records.

Oregon Historical County Records Guide Appendix​

A glossary of terms used in the inventory, credits and suggested ​further reading.
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Boat docked at a walkway with snow capped mountain in background. The near shore is covered in evergreen trees.
Wallowa Lake (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20070505-0074​)