Popular Culture: Enemy and Overconfidence Cartoons

The following editorial cartoons related to lampooning enemy leaders and warning against home front overconfidence are from the Civilian Front newspaper, which collected them from newspapers nationwide.

Piece of lit dynamite with "Invasion" written. Hitler and mussolini are tied to the dynamite. 

"Back the attack on the home front!"

Hitler standing over a table with a gun on it. "Coming invasion" written above a door. 

"Opportunity knocks."

2 men talk by a fence with "Home Defense" written. A large criminal with "Axis" on his collar and "Sabotage" written on his bat. 

"Just what he's waiting for."

Fat man with "Over-confidence" written on belly says "Whoopee" to another man while holding "another case of false optimism"  

"Here's that man again: Whoopee, we just took Sicily and the war's over! Time to celebrate, pal!"

(Image and caption source: Various Newspaper Editorial Cartoons, Civilian Front Newspaper, 1942-1943. Folders 5-8, Box 34, Defense Council Records, OSA.)