Popular Culture: War Services Cartoons

The following editorial cartoons related to rationing, conservation, and farm labor are from the Civilian Front newspaper, which collected them from newspapers nationwide.

Cartoon of angry principal holding slingshot and talking to boy. An angry woman (probably the teacher) is standing to his side. 

"You get five demerits for plinking your teacher, and you are expelled from school for wasting rubber."

A boy carries a trike on his shoulder. Two women stand under a tree and talk. 

"Here comes Junior--conserving rubber."

1 woman stands, 1 sits behind desk. Sign says "Join the U.S. Crop Corp" and "And hoard bonds" 

"I'd like an old-fashioned farm where they have plenty of shade and hammocks."

Man in a car talks to a policeman on a motorcycle. 

"I used to be able to do 60 miles an hour - now I'm lucky to be able to do 60 miles!"

(Image and caption source: Various Newspaper Editorial Cartoons, Civilian Front Newspaper, 1942-1943. Folders 5-8, Box 34, Defense Council Records, OSA.)