Oregon State Archives Research and Use Options

Cartoon of giant snowball with "More Production" printed on it chashes the Axis leaders down a snowy hill.
A poster implores Americans to keep the ball rolling against the Axis powers by increasing war production. (Image courtesy Northwestern University Library) Enlarge image
View the Web tour of the Oregon State Archives for complete details about research options, services, and information about using records at the Archives. The tour describes costs associated with ordering documents or case files - View reference services description.

Ordering Images

Many images in this exhibit are from other repositories.

Any image in the exhibit that has a citation ending with "OSA" is available for purchase from the Oregon State Archives. Some images were scanned from original publications with less than ideal photographic or graphic characteristics. The cost for obtaining a digital image is $20. Contact us for information about getting copies as photographic negatives or prints.

Any image or document lacking a citation ending with "OSA" is not available for copy from the Oregon State Archives. Please contact the source cited or general sources for copies. Images lacking any citation are commonly available online.

Use and Citations

You may use materials contained in this exhibit for personal or educational purposes. However, please cite the "Oregon State Archives, Life on the Home Front Web Exhibit" when using Oregon State Archives (OSA) images or direct text quotations from the exhibit.